Easy Mummy Halloween Mason Jars

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Decorating for Halloween is so much fun for my family. We love turning our house into a haunted house each Halloween. And making new decorations to add to throughout our home is a Halloween tradition. This year, we started by making some easy mummy Halloween mason jars. And now I’m going to share them with you! Keep reading to see how to make this simple mason jar craft for yourself.

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Simple mummy mason jars

These easy Halloween mason jars are so simple to make, which means they make great crafts for kids! In fact, they’re so easy, your kids can help make them. That’s one of the reasons I love this craft so much. In addition to getting to spend some time with your kids creating a cool Halloween craft, you can also use this kids craft as Halloween decoration when you’re finished.

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Make Your Own Halloween Mason Jars

Halloween mason jars supplies

To create your own Halloween mason jars you’ll need:

  • wide mouth mason jars
  • white gauze or bandages
  • tape and glue
  • googly eyes
  • tea light candles
Mummy Halloween mason jars with candles inside

Start by taping one end of the white gauze or bandage to the bottom side of your wide mouth mason jar. Then, wrap the bandage tightly around the jar until it is completely covered. Finish by securing the end of the bandage to the back of the mason jar.

Glowing mummy luminaries

Use your hot glue gun to secure two googly eyes to the front of the jar. Then, place your candles inside the jar. I used battery operated candles inside my jar since I have young kids in the house. But you could use traditional candles inside the Halloween mason jars if you want!

Finished mummy candles

Questions About Halloween Mason Jars

While this is a simple farmhouse DIY project, you may have a few questions about how I made these Halloween mason jars and the supplies I used. Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Can I use a different type of jar?

Of course! You don’t have to use a mason jar to make this craft. Simply grab any kind of jar you have lying around. I think it would look pretty cool to have jars of different sizes and shapes in your Halloween display. And while you can use any kind of jar to make this craft, I would suggest sticking with the wide-mouth variety. It makes putting the candle inside the jar so much easier if you can fit your hand inside the top of the jar.

What type of bandage did you use?

I purchased my white bandage from the pharmacy section. It’s called a sterile medical bandage. If you can’t find them where you are, you could also use white streamers or cheesecloth in place of the gauze.

Can I glue the gauze in place?

If you plan to use this Halloween decoration from year to year, I would suggest you start by using your hot glue gun to secure the gauze to the jar. I planned to use the jars for other projects when the Halloween season is over, so I started by taping the gauze in place. That makes it easy to remove the gauze when I’m finished using these Halloween mason jars.

Glowing Halloween mason jar mummies

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  1. These are so cute, and I’m inspired by how easy they are to make. Can’t wait for fall holidays!

  2. These are so stinkin’ adorable! And easy too! Getting my mason jars ready for Halloween!!!!!

  3. How cute are these mummy mason jars??!! What a fun and easy project for the kids to do!

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