Homemade Halloween Gummies and a Freebie!

Learn how to make homemade Halloween gummies and get free printable treat bag toppers from www.hunnyimhomediy.com #Halloween #Halloween2017 #gummies

If you’ve checked out my blog over the past few weeks, you can see how much I love Halloween. This will probably be my last Halloween post until next year, but it’s a good one! Keep reading to learn how to make some tasty homemade Halloween gummies and download some free printable Halloween treat bag toppers. Read more

20 Haunted House Halloween Decorations to Make Your Home Elegantly Spooky

Haunted house Halloween decorations | Halloween Decorations | Target Halloween Decorations | Halloween decor | Halloween ideas | Halloween decoration ideas | Haunted house | Haunted house ideas #Halloween

I just love decorating my house for Halloween. One of the best themes I’ve found for the holiday is to decorate my home like a haunted house. Luckily for us, this year Target has some amazing haunted house Halloween decorations! I’ve gathered up my favorite after roaming through the store and checking out everything they have to offer this year. Here’s what I found: Read more

Popcorn Hand: A Cute Two-Ingredient Halloween Snack

This two-ingredient Halloween treat is perfect for class parties or trick-or-treating! #Halloween

I just love finding fun ways to package Halloween treats! This particular treat uses only two ingredients and is super simple to make! You can popcorn hands for your kid’s classroom Halloween parties, pass them out to trick-or-treaters, or add it to your own Halloween party food spread! Read more

55+ Family-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

More than 55 family-friendly Halloween party ideas, including Halloween party food, Halloween party decorations, and Halloween party activities #Halloween #Halloweenparty

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday! The cool, fall weather makes it the perfect time to throw a creepy Halloween party! My kids share my love for Halloween and all things creepy, but it’s sometimes hard to translate the scariness of the holiday into a kid-friendly Halloween party. So I thought I’d round up some of the best family-friendly Halloween party decorations, Halloween party food, and Halloween party activities I could find across the internet just for you! Read more

No Bake Cookie: Pterodactyl Eggs in a Nest

Transform a classic Easter treat into a fun dinosaur party snack with these no bake eggs in a nest.

One of the funnest parts of party planning for me is re-envisioning recipe names to suit the party’s theme. This time, I used a classic Easter no bake cookie at a dinosaur party — making eggs in a nest into pterodactyl nests.

These yummy no bake cookies combine the sweet flavors of butterscotch and peanut butter with the salty crunch of chow mein noodles. Combined with yummy Whopper Easter eggs, these were a hit with the kids, who had fun imagining the nests filled with potential baby dinos. Read more

How to Make Mini Party Hats

Add some whimsy to your dinosaur party theme with these mini party hats!

As I was researching decoration ideas for Noah’s dinosaur-themed birthday party, I kept coming across photos of cute tiny party hats placed on plastic dinosaur toys. I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate the idea into my decor. Read more