Paper Plate DIY Toy Story Aliens

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Finding simple crafts for kids that incorporate your kids’ favorite things is a great way to pass the time in a creative way. And since my kids love Toy Story, I’m always looking for fun ways to use the movie’s characters in crafts. These cute paper plate DIY Toy Story aliens are the perfect way to have some fun making something your kids will love.

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DIY toy story aliens

This simple craft is so easy to make — especially if you have a Cricut at home. Just download the printable template, then use your Cricut to cut out the pieces to create your own paper plate aliens!

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DIY Toy Story Alien

Your kids will have a blast making their own DIY Toy Story aliens at home and since you get a free downloadable template, there’s no hard work involved in this easy craft!

diy toy story alien craft

What I love about this easy craft is that you only need a handful of supplies to put it together! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own paper plate Toy Story aliens:

  • Paper plate: Use a plain paper plate to make the face for your Toy Story alien craft. We used a small white paper plate that was six inches wide for this craft.
  • Green paint: Turn your plain white paper plate into an alien face with the help of green paint. Since most paper plates have a wax coating, it’s a good idea to use acrylic paint for this craft instead of watercolor paint.
  • Cardstock: For best results, cardstock is the best option for printing out your Toy Story alien template. Using plain copy paper may make cause your ears and antennae to rip.
  • Printable alien template: You can download your alien template in PNG or PDF formats. Use the PNG as a print then cut file in your Cricut. Or print the PDF file and cut it with scissors.

In addition to these craft supplies, you’ll also need glue and scissors to put this craft together. While your child can use traditional glue to build most of the craft, I suggest using a glue stick to glue the pieces together to keep the mess to a minimum.

Toy Story Alien Eyes Printable

The key to keeping this craft simple is to grab my free Toy Story alien eyes printable. And when you use your Cricut to cut out the shapes, you cut down your prep work, too.

printable toy story alien template

To make these cute Toy Story aliens, you’ll need to start by downloading the free printable template. Get yours by signing up for my newsletter here.

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toy story alien craft for kids

After downloading the template, you can use the PNG version in Cricut Design Space. Simply upload the file, then select the Print then Cut Option.

cricut print then cut craft for kids

Resize the elements of the template file, if needed, to fit on your plate. If you’re using a six-inch plate like we did, there’s no need to resize the shapes. Then, hit the Make It button and select your printer. Place a sheet of white cardstock in your printer and print the template.

printable toy story alien

Put the paper on your cutting mat and load it into your Cricut, then hit the start button on your machine to cut out each piece. Remove the pieces from your cutting mat and give them to your kids to make their own aliens.

Paper Plate Toy Story Alien

After you have all the pieces ready to go, your kids can start crafting! Simply give them the ears, antennae, and eyes and let them create their own alien.

paper plate toy story alien craft

Start by preparing your paper plate. Use green paint to paint the front of the plate to turn it into an alien head. If you’d rather keep the mess under control, try using green markers or crayons to color the paper plate before you start gluing the pieces to the face.

paper plate toy story alien

When your plate is dry, use a glue stick to attach the ears to each side of the paper plate. Hold the ears in place until the glue is dry.

toy story alien template

Next, use your glue stick to attach the antennae to the top of the paper plate. Hold the antennae in place until the glue is dry.

toy story alien eyes

Finish by attaching the three eyes to the paper plate. Use a black marker to draw a smile on your alien’s face, and you’re all done making your very own Toy Story aliens!

diy toy story alien craft

Toy Story Alien Craft

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Use your Cricut to print then cut the ears, antennae, and eyes for your own DIY Toy Story aliens.


  • Printable alien ears, antennae, and eyes
  • Small paper plate
  • Green paint


  • Cardstock
  • Cricut or scissors
  • Glue


  1. To use your Cricut to cut the ears, antennae, and eyes, download the PNG and upload into Design Space. Select the print then cut option.
  2. After uploading, hit the Make It button and select your printer. Print the graphic on cardstock, then place it on your cutting mat. Cut the printable with the Cricut.
  3. To cut the ears, antennae, and eyes with scissors, print the PDF on cardstock and cut each piece out around the outer border.
  4. Make the alien by painting the paper plate green.
  5. When the paint is dry, glue ears to each side of the alien and glue the antennae on top of the paper plate. Glue three eyes to the front of the plate and draw a mouth with a marker.

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