34 Amazing DIY Back to School Teacher Gifts

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Making your own presents for your kids’ teachers is a great way to show you care! And since there are so many great DIY gift ideas to choose from, you can create a beautiful handmade gift for just about any occasion throughout the school year! And with these fun back to school teacher gifts, you can be sure your kids will start the school year off right. From useful gifts your kids’ teachers can use throughout the year to cute decorations for their desk, these DIY projects are the perfect way to start the new school year.

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back to school teacher gifts

DIY Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

Your child’s teachers spend so much time with your kids! What better way to thank them for all their hard work during the school year than with a handmade gift? You can start the school year off right by giving your child’s teacher a great back to school gift this year.

But the best part about these simple first day of school gifts is that they’re simple to make! There’s no need to go all out when creating a teacher gift. Creating a simple, useful gift for your child’s teacher is the perfect way to start the school year.

And there are so many different gift ideas for you to create! When you’re trying to come up with things to give your kid’s teacher on the first day of school, consider some of these simple gift ideas:

  • Cleaning supplies. Help your child’s teacher keep the classroom clean and germ-free by giving them some extra cleaning supplies at the start of the school year. You could give them disinfecting wipes, cleaning solution, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.
  • School supplies. Providing a few extra school supplies is another helpful gift to give your kid’s teacher. Basic supplies like notebooks, paper, pens, highlighters, and pencils are all things your child’s teacher could use throughout the school year.
  • Snacks. Give your kid’s teacher a snack or sweet treat to kick off the school year for a fun and unique gift idea they’re sure to love.
  • Classroom decorations. Giving your child’s teacher something to decorate their classroom is another fun gift idea. And it lets you get a litte creative to make something personal for the first day of school.
  • Gift cards. Help your kid’s teacher out as they head back to school by giving them a gift card to purchase supplies or a coffee on their way to work.

Back to School Teacher Gifts

Get the school year off to a great start with the help of these easy DIY back to school teacher gifts.

More Simple Gift Ideas:

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