15 Gluten Free Make Ahead Breakfasts for Christmas Morning

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Christmas morning is almost here! Do you have a plan for breakfast? You know you don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen while your family is enjoying their gifts. Instead, check out this awesome list of gluten free make ahead breakfasts that are perfect for Christmas morning. Read more

12 Ingredients to Increase Breastmilk Supply (with gluten free recipe ideas)

If you’re one of my email subscribers, you already know that we welcomed a new baby boy to the family last month. I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding since he was born, but now that I’m starting to get back to work, I decided to start pumping in case I need to leave the baby for a couple hours. Read more

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

This gluten free banana bread recipe is sweet and moist -- the best gluten free chocolate chip banana bread recipe I've tried yet!

I love quick breads — they’re simple to make and taste great! And banana bread is my favorite quick bread, so I was super excited at how well this recipe worked out. This gluten free chocolate chip banana bread is sweet and moist. It tastes so great, even my picky, gluten-eating son approved. Read more

Yummy Gluten Free Fried Chicken Recipe

Enjoy a classic comfort food made gluten free with this gluten free fried chicken recipe.

I’ve been gluten free for more than two years now, and for the most part, I don’t miss the gluten-filled products I once enjoyed. But, being in my third trimester has brought about a few cravings for comfort food, including fried chicken. So I decided to whip up some gluten free fried chicken the other day. Read more