No Bake Cookie: Pterodactyl Eggs in a Nest

Transform a classic Easter treat into a fun dinosaur party snack with these no bake eggs in a nest.

One of the funnest parts of party planning for me is re-envisioning recipe names to suit the party’s theme. This time, I used a classic Easter no bake cookie at a dinosaur party — making eggs in a nest into pterodactyl nests.

These yummy no bake cookies combine the sweet flavors of butterscotch and peanut butter with the salty crunch of chow mein noodles. Combined with yummy Whopper Easter eggs, these were a hit with the kids, who had fun imagining the nests filled with potential baby dinos. Read more

How to Make Mini Party Hats

Add some whimsy to your dinosaur party theme with these mini party hats!

As I was researching decoration ideas for Noah’s dinosaur-themed birthday party, I kept coming across photos of cute tiny party hats placed on plastic dinosaur toys. I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate the idea into my decor. Read more

Dinosaur Birthday Inspiration for a Dinosaur Party


Each party I plan begins with a trip across the internet to find inspiration for food, decorations and activities. This year was extra fun because the birthday boy got involved in the planning process with me. We had a great time scanning Pinterest for other dinosaur party ideas and pulling out our favorite ideas.

While I didn’t use every idea I collected, the parties other people threw gave me a great deal of inspiration as I designed our party this year. Scroll threw these photos to get some inspiration for your own dinosaur party! Read more

How to Create a Basic Floor Plan in Photoshop


Since my husband and I aren’t architects, planning for the arrangement of our addition has been a learning process. He can draw with a pen and paper, and I’m more inclined to use my graphic design skills to get the job done. So, we worked together to figure out the size and placement of each room. Then, I took to Photoshop to create a basic floor plan. Read more

Dinosaur Snack Mix


We’re definitely a snacking family. So, when I came across this dinosaur snack mix idea from The Skinny Fork, I knew I had to incorporate it into my son’s dinosaur-themed party. Of course, it was a big hit…mainly because it includes fun dino-shaped treats in each bag.

At Noah’s party, I labeled the snack mix as “Stegosaurus Snack Mix,” because I love using alliteration when creating fun names for the food I used at each party. (But the mix did have some stegosauruses in it!) Read more