DIY Renovation: Our Home Addition Project (Demolition Phase)

Follow along with us as we build our DIY home addition. Check out the demolition phase at

Once the planning process of our DIY renovation was complete, it was time for demolition! To prepare for our home addition, we had to remove a large screened-in porch and a tree. After that, we removed a concrete pad and started excavating the area.

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Planning for a DIY Home Addition

Planning for a DIY home addition, including home addition placement options, creating a floor plan, and DIY home addition financing options

Tackling any DIY home project can be intimidating, but a DIY home addition is especially complex. Planning for your home addition is an integral step in the DIY process because it gives you a chance to outline your addition plans and the costs associated before diving into the project.

The first question to ask yourself when planning a DIY home addition is what the additional space will be used for. In our case, we are welcoming a new baby to the family. Since our home currently consists of two small bedrooms, one bathroom, one living area, and minimal storage space, we knew that an addition was essential. Read more

How to Create a Basic Floor Plan in Photoshop


Since my husband and I aren’t architects, planning for the arrangement of our addition has been a learning process. He can draw with a pen and paper, and I’m more inclined to use my graphic design skills to get the job done. So, we worked together to figure out the size and placement of each room. Then, I took to Photoshop to create a basic floor plan. Read more